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Remember the gang?  Well a lot has changed since they were in high school and are now in their thirties. Archie had dated Veronica and Betty throughout high school and  as a result, the girls always felt they had to be competitive with each other.  In college, however, Veronica and Betty discovered their bisexuality and attraction for each other.  Meanwhile, Archie had imagined marrying either Veronica or Betty but could never decide.  Veronica and Betty shared the good news with Archie – now he wouldn’t have to!  He could have a relationship with both of them.  Thus, a new polyamorous chapter in their comic book existence was begun.

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They initially began as a poly-fidelitous triad where they were sexually exclusive with each other, but this would evolve into a more open arrangement. Veronica and Betty wanted a child but Archie was unable to provide, so they turned to their other friends to find a suitable surrogate father.  Because they were all such good friends and unable to decide, they eventually collected sperm from Reggie, Jughead and Moose and asked the doctor not to tell them who the genetic father of the children would be.  They would all participate in the raising of the children to varying degrees.


Archie and Veronica both practice solo polyamory and are fluid bonded, that is, they only have unprotected sex with each other and not with any other partners.  Betty, who would bear their collective children, would eventually marry Jughead.  The two married largely for legal reasons relating to the children and always practiced an open relationship.

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Jughead, Moose and Reggie each were on their own journey of self-discovery.  Jughead embraced his bisexuality and found he had an equally magnetic draw with the guys as he did the “chicks.”  Reggie, finally secure enough to reveal he suffered from gender dysphoria, was currently in process to transition to female.  She will keep the name Reggie but it will instead be short for Regina.  Reggie is intimate with Veronica and Jughead most usually.  Moose found he enjoyed men more than women.  He usually only has intimate relations with men he meets outside the group.

the-archiesOn certain occasions, all five of the original Archie’s band:  Archie, Veronica, Betty, Reggie and Jughead, would hang out and play together.  This is all very natural for them, as they had been friends for as long as they could remember, but it is not without its struggles and challenges.

Do you have a question about poly relating?  The gang would be happy to help by sharing their perspectives and experiences.  Ask one of them, ask several or ask them all.

ASK ARCHIE questions about polyamory that you want answered from a single heterosexual male perspective.

ASK VERONICA questions about polyamory that you want answered from a solo bisexual female (unicorn) perspective.

ASK BETTY questions about open relationships that you want answered from a married bisexual female perspective.

ASK JUGHEAD questions about open relationships that you want answered from a married bisexual male perspective.

ASK REGGIE questions about open relationships that you want answered from a bisexual transgender male to female perspective.

ASK MOOSE questions about open relationships that you want answered from a gay male perspective.

ASK ARCHIE’S GANG questions about open relationships, polyamory and parenting that you want answered from a variety of perspectives.


Archie’s Gang and images copyright 2014 Archie Comic Publications, Inc.



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